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When deciding on balls, Agilest chose to go with a real #5 size training grade ball. It is hand-stitched and has a sturdy composite leather cover that is pebbled for easy gripping and intended for actual use.

This ball can handle your team’s rough handling in the office or even real games with your teams after work. The ball is shipped inflated and uses a standard air pump with a sports ball inflation needle to top off as needed.

How to Use
How to Use

We encourage you to experiment with how to use the ball in your team-building efforts, but a few of the ways that we have found useful is to serve as you must request the ball and hold it in your hands to talk. Or other situations where you are expected to speak when thrown the ball.

When Agilest, a leading Agile transformation, strategy, and training company, uses the ball for various of its’ team building activities, an example during training is during a session where the instructor asks if anyone knows the answer to a list of DevOps questions. So one by one the instructor asks a question and then when someone raises their hand, the person with the ball tosses the ball with their hand up, and that person answers the question after they catch the ball.

Some of the other places that we have found that the ball improves the team interactions are as follows:

  • – Brainstorming sessions
  • – Retrospectives
  • – Who knows the answer to the question sessions

The Agilest Rugby Ball

The ball for better results!


Product Details
How to Use
The Agilest Rugby Ball symbolizes the Agile ideal of teams working together to achieve a common goal.


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